History And Leadership

The Parks-Michael Automotive Story

After finishing his service in the United States Army, Hubert Parks decided not to return to Reidsville or Wentworth. Instead, he headed to the "big city" of Winston-Salem. As he drove into town, he could turn left into Sears Roebuck and Company, or turn right into Modern Chevrolet. It was easier to turn right than left, so he headed into Modern Chevrolet to get his next job, which was bad news for men's suits and accessories, but great news for car buyers. Hubert Parks believed in treating every customer and employee fairly and honestly. Mr. Parks did not want to sell his customer just one car, but rather, every car they would ever buy.

June Michael was a salesperson committed to his customers, during and after the sale. He started selling in 1949, when his son Junie was two. He made friends with every customer. He sold 75 cars a month by finding common ground with people, just by having a simple conversation with them. Junie grew up, graduated from Catawba College and joined the family business. Junie Michael met Hubert Parks at a business meeting, and their relationship developed and grew, though not initially in the car business but via oil rigs they purchased together in Texas. Yes, this partnership started in the oil business, but it transitioned to automotive with Capital Ford; Junie's brother Tim was tapped to helm the location on April 1st in 1985.

After much success in the triangle, the Parks-Michael partnership continues to grow and the Capital expansion continues. In addition to the numerous car people that came out of Parkway - Tim Michael, Jeff Michael, Tony Fisher, Ralph Grubbs - the partnership has always recognized talent already in a store when they purchased it, like that of Louis Rodriquez.

Partnerships like that of Mooresville Ford and the Shoe family have helped this business continue to grow. When Grady Shoe decided he wanted to retire, there was only one partner to consider and that was Junie Michael. Jeff Shoe and Junie have had a great partnership ever since.

Through the years, this organization has continued to grow and give customers the best service possible. Carolinas Collision Centers is the next step in the Parks-Michael tradition, and we will continue providing consistent customer experiences at all locations. No matter your repair needs, the Parks-Michael Group and Carolinas Collision Centers commit to providing you with the best service you could ever ask for.