Wheel Repair

It's aggravating when we accidently hit that pothole or curb. Now what do you do?
Most often, Expert Master Technicians can restore your wheel to its original finish at under half the original cost of a new original equipment alloy wheel. Wheels that are scraped, gouged, scratched, stained, corroded, or rubbed, our professional refinishing process can restore them to look like new. We can even provide custom cosmetic refinement too!
However, bent or broken alloy wheels can create vibrations that cause stress to vital suspension parts and create unsafe driving conditions. As a result, many manufacturers strongly recommend replacing bent or broken alloy wheels rather than attempting to repair the damaged alloy wheels.

Free Estimate:

  • Inspection of damaged alloy wheels to determine whether the wheels can be repaired, or whether the wheels need to be replaced
    • With Our "Safety First" policy, we will only repair damaged alloy wheels if the repair can be made in a manner that is consistent with manufacturer service guidelines.
    • If the damaged alloy wheels need to be replaced to ensure the safety of your vehicle, our collision center has a wide selection of alloy wheels available.